Friday, October 9, 2009

You can flog me if it would make you feel better....and I mean that in a completely non-sexual way....pervert

I've not been very good about writing, and when I have written, I've mostly complained. I'm sorry. No. Then again, I'm not really sorry. I'm a complainer. It's like my job. I probably should get paid for it. I'd be rich, and not CEO-of-an-international-company rich, but greedy-monarch-who-uses-state-money-to-supply-her-gold-toilet-paper-and-caviar-swimming-pool-fetishes rich.

So. Anywho. I know, I've been bad about writing and even worse about catching up on all my favorite blogs to read and YET my wonderful friend over at Life, Love and Wine has given me an award-- the Simply Fabulous Award. I'm humbled!

Apparently, the rules of the award are to list my 5 favorite obsessions and then pass it on to five other great bloggers. So, here we go:

1. Coffee. Plain and simple, I just love coffee. I believe the liquid that courses through my veins is probably coffee. Might explain the twitching, might.

2. Chocolate. Again, it's pretty simple. Give this woman some chocolate and she be completely content...until its gone.

3. McVities Dark Chocolate Digestives. Oh, these wonderful UK cookies probably belong to an "2a" category as they're just chocolate covered cookies. But they're cheap and oh so delicious. In fact, I just stocked up on them yesterday because Tesco was having a sale. YUMMY!

4. Hmm. This is getting tough. Seeing as my first three obsessions are all food related, I'd like to say my fourth and fifth aren't. But, I'd be lying. My Fourth: Alcohol. And, boy did I move to the right country for that obsession?! My school's main building has a pub in the basement, where you can buy beer any time of day, even between classes and just yesterday my African music professors invited the masters students to join in their after-class ritual of a glass of wine in the staff common room (which is also complete with a bar).

5. My fifth and only REAL obsession, (like I'd probably die without it) is learning. It's ok. I'll let you stop laughing and shouting "nerd." Go ahead. You can finish anytime. But it's true. I LOVE learning, particularly about music, hence the Ethnomusicology Masters thing I'm doing, though it could be anything. The more you learn, the more you learn that you know nothing. And that is what keeps me going-- the endless pursuit of knowledge and the inescapable mystery of the world.

Now that I've rambled, I'd love to send the award along to some of my favorite bloggers. Not because I expect them to write their obsessions and continue the chain (unless they want to), but because I honestly think you should check them out!

1. Mosaic Art by LeeAnn Petropoulos: LeeAnn has just celebrated her year anniversary of being a blogger and full-time artist. Her blogs are fun to read AND her art is stunning! I recommend you head on over to her site, especially soon as she's holding a contest for $100 off any of her artwork!!!

2. Life, Love and Wine: I know she's the one who gave me the award and I'm probably breaking all the rules by listing her, but that's how I roll. I'm a rebel. No, seriously check her out. She is not only a funny writer, but she always posts DELICIOUS recipes!

3. There's Nothing That the Road Won't Heal: Ok, so I know that the idea of this award is just a little girly, and I might get in trouble for sending it over to this guy, but again, I don't play by the rules. Plus, I just think it's funny. ;) John is a folk musician who started out keeping a blog while on tour and I have recently forced him to continue writing even while he's between tours. He's a great writer, smart and funny!

4. Not That Kind of Girl: This is a great blog, because she pretty much takes all the things you wish you could do, or wonder why the hell anyone else does them, and then she does them. It's funny, well written and a great inspiration to go against the grain and try new things!

5. More is Better: This girl has adopted the life of a nomad and of course blogging about it. She's funny to read and it's fun to vicariously live a nomad's life through another person! :)

So there. I'm done for today seeing as I have probably about 100 pages to read tonight (yes on a Friday night and no my social life is currently non-existant so stop rubbing it in), it's already 10:30pm and I wasted two hours of my life attempting to be cheap and catch the bus rather than the tube home. (See? Complaining. Rich! I tell you, Rich!)

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