Monday, March 7, 2011

You know you're slowing turning British when you...

1. ...find yourself craving a good curry.

2. apologise when someone steps on your toes or runs into to you.

3. ...write "apologise" rather than "apologize"

4. baked beans outside of a BBQ context.

5.  ...passive aggressively stare at the young man whose iPod is so loud you can hear his bad taste in music, or any other fellow passenger on your overstuffed, delayed Tube train.

6. ...stop whatever you are doing and stand in the sun the two times it comes out a year.

7. ...find yourself having a conversation about the weather more than three times a day.

8. ...have bought more than one umbrella in the past week.

9. ...get upset that someone had the indecency to throw themselves infront of a train when you're already running late.

10. ...know the exact date and china to be used at the Royal Wedding this year.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

TIme for an update

Just to get back in the habit of writing often, I've decided to give you a quick update. And I mean quick:

Finished/submitted MMus Dissertation. Rocked it.
Officially finished MMus degree. Kicked butt.
Doing work experience for World Music Network. Oh yeah.
Interning at Songlines Magazine. SHAWEET.
Making almost no money. Pretty sad.
Applying for PhD's in Ethnomusicology. Not so sweet.
Generally, rocking at life. Win.

Monday, January 31, 2011

7 months? That's NOTHING! Stop whining.

So...7 months ago I said I was going to keep updating this blog. And haven't written anything since.

I'm not good at following through on things...

I did figure out my problem, however. Because I do regulary update my other project Nomad's Playlist, I am always logged in on that account. I can't be asked to log out and re-log in on this account only to re-log out and re-log in. It's because I'm lazy. L-A-Z-Y.

I have fixed the problem. It's called different browsers (aka magic). I'm logged in on one account on Firefox and the Safari for the other. It's a miracle! No logging in/out and re-logging in/out! I'm fricking brilliant. BRILLIANT!
Sometimes I feel like I should be on a Guiness commercial. 

Basically, I'm summing up that, as always, I'm awesome and that this time I really will be around more often...if anyone is still reading this.

Oh. And P.S. If you haven't starting following Nomad's Playlist, you might as well live in a cave.

It's got a new look and everything!