Monday, January 31, 2011

7 months? That's NOTHING! Stop whining.

So...7 months ago I said I was going to keep updating this blog. And haven't written anything since.

I'm not good at following through on things...

I did figure out my problem, however. Because I do regulary update my other project Nomad's Playlist, I am always logged in on that account. I can't be asked to log out and re-log in on this account only to re-log out and re-log in. It's because I'm lazy. L-A-Z-Y.

I have fixed the problem. It's called different browsers (aka magic). I'm logged in on one account on Firefox and the Safari for the other. It's a miracle! No logging in/out and re-logging in/out! I'm fricking brilliant. BRILLIANT!
Sometimes I feel like I should be on a Guiness commercial. 

Basically, I'm summing up that, as always, I'm awesome and that this time I really will be around more often...if anyone is still reading this.

Oh. And P.S. If you haven't starting following Nomad's Playlist, you might as well live in a cave.

It's got a new look and everything!