Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Alex's tips for happiness #1

I've had many a bad haircut over my lifetime – often leaving the hairdresser with a coiffure that looks more like I belong in an awful 80s band than in fashionable society.

Maybe it's my age, but today I've figured it all out.

Alex's Happiness Tip #1: Tell the hairdresser when she's done a shit job. 

Seriously. While sitting in front of the mirror, I have frequently told myself "Just wait. She knows what she's doing. It will look better once its been dried" or some other variant of those reassurances. But then it NEVER turns out to be true. Instead of telling the butcher with the scissors to fuck off, I used to smile and agree that yes, I do look fabulous.

Today, I stopped by for a trim and this time, when my hair was crooked, I let the bitch have it. Ok, so I didn't 'let her have it' but I did speak up and the result? A beautiful – and even – haircut.

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