Sunday, March 11, 2012

I give you good price

I love haggling.

I am a firm believer that it is a lost art in Western society. Of course, there are still some places you can haggle (car dealerships coming first to mind), but it's full potential is completely neglected in our day to day shopping experience.

I love haggling so much, that these were my favourite parts of my recent trip to Morocco. Yes, the mountains were beautiful and the sites amazing, but nothing could beat the thrill of haggling a price over a cup of very strong and very sugary mint tea. And nothing could beat the satisfaction of leaving a shop knowing that I got a cracking deal. I love it when I'm told 'I give you good price', 'what's your last price, best price?', or 'I see you're like strong Berber woman'. I love walking away from something only to hear 'Alright! I give it to you for that price'. Best. Feeling. Ever.

Now, having got that off my chest, I must admit that just because I get a good deal, doesn't mean I should buy it.

While in Morocco, my camera was stolen. It was three years old and it was about time for a new one anyway. So, I've been researching and deciding which make/model I should get and how much I could afford.

Walking by a camera shop today, I thought I might browse around and play with some of the cameras I had in mind. One thing led to another and I was being offered one of the high end cameras I had drooled over at a 'good price'. At those words, I immediately kicked into haggle-mode and got the shop keeper down £100 and a large memory card and case thrown in for free. It's a great deal. I got an awesome camera (for an amateur who has no friggin' clue how to properly use a camera) and free stuff. So, why do I feel so crap?

Because it's way out of my budget! I might have gotten the price down £100, but it was still £100 more than I had intended to spend. But there's no talking me down when I go into crazy-Alex-haggle-mode.

So, I guess this brings me to: 'Hi my name is Alex and I have a haggling problem.' That's the first step, right?

My fancy new camera has a fake tilt-shift mode... Totally worth every penny.


  1. Rhode Island had lots of awesome flea fun to haggle...and you could get a lot for under $20 instead of spending $100. You should appease your haggling addiction that way!


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