Thursday, March 1, 2012


I bet you forgot you even followed this blog! I sure as hell forgot that I wrote it. Looking back through, I was pretty damn funny.

Man, I wish I was you so I could be reading this awesome blog.

I know I did a quick recap only a few posts ago, but seeing as that over a year ago, it doesn't hurt to do it again:

I landed my dream job at the music magazine. Score!
I spent last summer in true British fashion at music festivals and have even more to look forward to this summer. Groovy.
I haven't been anywhere exciting all year, until last week when I went to Morocco. Yalla!
I have come down with a nasty cold thanks to my Atlas mountains hiking. *ACHOO!*
And by 'hiking', I mean causally walking.
Finally, I had my camera nicked by some punk Moroccan boys. Fuckers.

So, no pictures for you!

You might ask, then, why I have returned to you after so long a wait. It's because I've decided I need a swankier blog. Something professional and mature to promote my journalism. Therefore, I'm going to need some kind of outlet for my crazy rantings. That's where you come in.


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  1. Yay!! Welcome back... I have missed your blogs :)


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