Sunday, July 1, 2012


I was just about to get on my poorly neglected blog to reaffirm my awesomeness – despite how inadequate Facebook makes me feel with all it's This friend is now engaged, This other friend is now married, This friend's going to show you pictures of their babies and rub it in your face about how awesome and happy their life is because instead of chasing their dreams half-way across the world, they settled and are living some mediocre life with their husband and 2.5 kids butthat'stotallycoolbecausetheyhaveafamilywhichissomethingyou'llneverhavebecauseyou'regoingtodiealone... Wait. Where was I?

Oh. Yes. I MEANT to come on here and rant about Facebook, but while logging in, I realised I couldn't remember how to spell my own last name. Awesome.

Please note: that 'Awesome' was totally not sarcastic. Forgetting how to spell my name means I get to whip out Mickey Mouse song. You see, my last name fits perfectly to the old Mickey Mouse Club song and, yes that's right, you should be jealous.

So, rather than be upset and go all crazy, I instead sat in my room singing my version of this:

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  1. I'm feeling this way all of the time. Makes me want to quit facebook!


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