Friday, October 19, 2012

I'm back!

Some things just have to be documented, otherwise people just wouldn't believe me.

Short story, long:

I was cleaning out my room, preparing for the the Big-Move-To-Brixton, and I discovered all this awesome stuff that I've squirreled away in my cubby hole – not the duct-taped cubby hole which I'm still convinced houses a dead body.

Creepy cubby hole where dead bodies live

Some of the awesome stuff I found: My dance costume!


My Red Sox hat and red lipstick!

Movie Star outfit... in other words sunglasses and a scarf...

Ok, so here's when things go from fun to dumb. I found a GIANT bottle of baby powder. I have a half-full small bottle of baby powder and I figure 'just fill up the little one with some of the big one and then throw out the big one.' Genius, right?

I now have a pile of baby powder outside my window (because I did have sense enough to do this OUTSIDE) that kinda looks like a pile of cocaine. Panicking, just in case someone spots it and calls the police, I decided to get rid of it.

With a hair drier.

I never claimed to be intelligent.

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